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Department of Chemistry is one of Umeå University's largest departments. It has about 220 employees and in addition some twenty postdocs on scholarship. Here are conducted successful research and teaching, which in many different ways address important scientific challenges and contribute to the development of a society characterized by sustainability and good health.

The research at the department deals with many of the grand challenges and the development towards a sustainable society. One area is bioresource engineering where one of the goals is to develop new processes that utilize the forest as raw material to manufacture green chemicals. Another area deals with health and at the department successful research is focused on generating knowledge that ultimately will improve our capabilities to treat cancer, infections, and amyloid diseases. In recent years a several large grants have been obtained by researchers at the department. Research dealing with environmental has a longstanding tradition at the department and research focused on the faith of medicines in the environment has experienced substantial attention.

We are engaged in teaching at two chemistry education programs namely the Bachelor programme in Life Science and the Master program in Chemistry. We are also deeply involved in the Bachelor of Science programme in Pharmacy, the Master of Science programme in Pharmacy and the Master of Pharmaceutical Science programme. We also contribute with chemistry education in other programs where students need basic as well as advanced knowledge of chemistry.

In the past year, we noted a large increase in the interest in the undergraduate program in the Bachelor programme in Life Science, something that can help to cover future anticipated shortages in the labor market of people with chemistry skills.

The department has first class infrastructure in terms of premises, instrumentation, and information technology that are of great importance for our research and teaching. In addition we have professional technical and administrative support at all levels. The Department is host to several different infrastructures that primarily support the research and teaching conducted at Umeå University. There are also infrastructures of importance to researchers at national and international levels.

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