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The information under this heading is mainly aimed to those already reading a chemistry course or soon will. Here you find links to more extensive information on programmes and courses in chemistry.

Undergraduate Programmes in Chemistry Programme Coordinator
  Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Henrik Antti
  Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Sofia Mattsson
  University Diploma Programme for Process Operators Staffan Grundberg
Master Programmes in Chemistry
  Master Programme in Chemistry Patrik Andersson
  Master Programme in Pharmaceutical Science Sofia Mattsson
  Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy Sofia Mattsson

Course web at the Department of Chemistry At the course web you will find information on all courses given at the department, such as schedules and who to contact to obtain further infromation.
To access course material, like old test papers, lecture notes, etc,  you need to have an activated AD-account and also be registered at the course.


The UmU card
As a new student at Umeå University, you need to activate your user account before you can get the UmU card.
More information on the UmU card can be found here

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Exam information

Exam dates
Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017

Basic coursesAdvanced coursesPharmacy programmeMaster in Pharmacy

Exam hall
If you want to know in which exam hall you will write the exam paper, you can click on this link.

Courses at the department

Basic coursesSpring 2017Autumn 2017

Advanced courses
Spring 2017Autumn 2017

Here you can also find course codes as well as course periods.